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northeastern japan is reeling from floods, fires and a new threat from a damaged nuclear power plant. hundreds of people were killed in japan by today's earthquake in tsunami. the numbers are still coming in. look of this video of the massive tsunami moving into japan you could see what's happening here as the boats are being tossed about. a powerful wall of water causing destruction. hundreds of people are still missing tonight, thousands are already known to be injured. the huge waves that roared ashore after the quake to carry away ships, cars and triggered wild fires throughout the area. the quake also triggered a tsunami warning along the west coast of california. you could see some of the damage happening here. at least five people were swept out to sea and one was still missing. in santa cruz, also very hard hit you could see
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the harbor, boats damaged and the tsunami search has the votes to come was all morning long. waves were rolling in and out. the books destroyed docks causing severe damage. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. >>catherine: you're listening to authorities yelling at people in santa cruz get out. people at first were fascinated and wanted to see what was happening in the santa cruz harbor. quickly became a very dangerous situation. the problem boat were being tossed about like toys. there are crashing into each other. boat owners who did come down had to be kept back because there were helpless to do anything. we know there were dozens of boats were damaged. we know 30 of them, severely damaged
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about many more are damaged. they're still trying to reach them. we're hearing if you count the damage to the boats and the harbor were talking $50 million. $15 millios out the lies and has been all day. >>rob: just to go back for a minute to the damage to the harbor. uc discussion table over the yacht harbor. they're not exactly sure where it's safe and word is unsafe right now. they have this caution tape up here spread out everywhere because a large chunk of the dock, kronconcrete have fallen off. they kept the caution tape here to keep people away. we've heard it
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20 boat sunk as many as 100 boats damaged and for a half million dollars damage to the boats. possibly as much as $50 million to the infrastructure here at the yacht harbor. we downgraded the tsunami warning to his son on the watch but for a while there it was a little bit dicey. i'm joined here now by michael kamen he runs a local radio station. i know a little while ago you told me that earlier this morning when you got the word, you swung into earthquake mode. what does that mean? >> we suspended regular programming whenever there is any kind of unusual situation facing the community. that's what we did today. i had very little to do with it, i have the bus staff in the world. it's happening right now. were
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fielding phone calls from people for relating their experiences all day. >>rob: i came from the valley and people were fleeing their was a mass exodus. there was a minor panic that would say. >> that i don't understand, i for a little bit about that. i don't understand it. i came down here to see for myself what the situation is. it's sort of reminds me of 1964, when the had the earthquake in anchorage when the santa cruz harbor was brand new. that was the last time that there was any kind of the tsunami or a situation that resulted in capsizing of any boats before today. >>rob: people understand tsunami now. the bridge off to our left, there are hundreds of people in there today.
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>> i think so, were proud at our radio station to use any kind of a situation where there is a power outage, earthquake, flood any kind of an unusual situation switcher programming and do what we call emergency mode where we open it up to the colors. we become an emergency communication link. after the 1989 earthquake think we were the only radio station that was on the air for several hours after the earthquake. >> thank you michael for joining us. santa cruz remains a local state of emergency they said they will talk with congressman to get disaster declaration done here and federal money on board. right now the
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situation still uncertain here at the santa cruz yacht harbor the start pulling boats as soon as tomorrow morning. >>pam: our team coverage continues with kron 4 jeff bush to show more of the damage and problems created by the tsunami in santa cruz. >>jeff: it is been a crazy day and santa cruz. things seem to have calmed down but the biggest problem right now is still stuff floating in the harbor. there are two tires, those used to be part of a docks there. next to that is a 20 ft. section of dock and above that was a boat that needed to be plucked out of the water. the coast guard is just keeping on station right now and trying to make sure everything is clear. the just keeping a close eye on the situation for now. in santa cruz, jeff bush kron 4 news. >>catherine: rescue crews still looking for survivors in the quake and the sun on the trigger. the 8.9 tremor
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one of the biggest ever measured. those of us in 1989 can remember enjoying 17 seconds of a major quake. people say the japanese quake lasted for more than two minutes. >>the quake was 900 times as strong as the 1989 quake. it was so powerful the entire japanese coast permanently shifted by 7 ft. people ran for safety hundreds of miles from the epicenter in tokyo. while the quake was terrifying, what came next was beyond scary. the 30 ft. tsunami struck within 15 minutes of the quake. this boat was trapped in a huge whirlpool.
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others were smashed into the shore. the water swept inland for miles carrying away cars, boats, houses and some on fire. the quake touched off a fire at a refinery and even more worrisome, damaged a cooling system at a nuclear power plant. the pressure in the plant is rising, the government said some radioactive gas might have to be vented. it is ordered a state of emergency and evacuated 3000 people. we're hearing the japanese government expanded that nuclear alert to cover five plants in all in japan. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the tsunami surge and the quake in japan. we have slide shows of the damage on our web site at get much more coming up after the break. for this music camp. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted.
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boats in this harbor and the closely packed together. that meant huge trouble earlier today. the surges that did come, people just watching helplessly. the boat owners could not do anything about this. you're looking at live pictures on the left-hand side and the right-hand side and this is some of what's happening earlier today. i get more hearing not just a few million but maybe as much as $50 million in damage. here's in boats being washed away and been smashed to pieces in front of frustrated boat owners who just stand there and watch. later harbour police were trying to get them out of there. it became increasingly dangerous. san francisco dan curman has been at ocean beach for quite some time. people concerned about the high tide. what's happening? >>dan: city officials are no longer concerned about the high tide because the
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tsunami warning has been changed to an advisory. the surges are dissipating and a high tide that should be coming in 10 minutes, they're not concerned anymore. as a result, the beaches filled with people. the great highway has reopened and there is car traffic moving back and forth. san francisco city officials no longer concerned about any tsunami activity happening during the high tide today at 5:21 p.m. as a result the great highway reopened and people back on the beach. the state police will keep up their patrols just in case. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: let's check in with jonathan blum, she has a look at the height of the tsunami waves as they travel from japan to california. >>jonathan: if you believe me this is not jupiter this is planet earth. this is a color-coded diagrams of the ways. this is japan, hawaii
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and the california coast. the colors indicate the force of the tsunami. let's go in for a closer look. you could see the colors closest to the epicenter are gray and black. these are about 8 ft. tall. these are much taller. this is how the waves look in the open ocean. the get taller as they hit land. because there is no place for the ways to go but up they swell when they hit the coast. you could see the pink, yellow, orange and red these are waves that are shrinking as they leave the epicenter from 8 ft. tall down to two or 3 ft. tall. as you see why a there the pink and red means the waves get taller as they approach shore. in the day, as you look in santa cruz and crescent city. as the wave hits the continental shelf and comes on the beach as you can see those yellow waves which are
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about to or 3 ft. tall, they approached the red in santa cruz you for how much damage they did in the harbors here. it you see that little magenta off the coast, that's the way that will be 3 ft. tall before it touches the land perhaps 6 ft. tall when it action washes up on shore. we've heard of a lot of damage happening on the shoreline. that's one of the worst for tsunamis just because of the way the earth is structured around crescent city. he could see the color coding off the coast indicating as the waves come water to feed out of the zero some they will hit the coast at 4 5 ft. tall and a lot more damage than would suspect. of these explained on the program, tsunamis don't turn, they actually go in a straight line and she out. that is no way from all the way in japan was able to travel the
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thousands of miles across the pacific ocean to do damaged in the bay. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>catherine: he looking live at the scene from the santa cruz harbor. these boats were closely packed to begin with but the tsunamis surge has graded devastating damage to dozens of beautiful boats. if their owners are just helpless. we are hearing their letting with loads of roads reopened. stay tuned we'll have more on the aftermath of the japan quake in the tsunami coming up after this. california should be proud.
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>>catherine: we're looking live at the santa cruz harbor and one of the people watching the chaos out there all morning long is on the phone. we have dan with o'neal see odyssey. this had to be painful to be there and watch. i know you take people out on boats what was this like a witness? >> it was something to
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witness, i will tell you right now the initial shock is settling in with disbelief and sadness. people are assessing the damage, the more i look it was looking at a bath tub when you pull the plug out. but never quite seen anything like that before. i saw the level dropped about 6 ft., it was quite dramatic and quite disconcerting and shows you the power of nature. >>pam: the advisory is in fact, officials really want people to stay away from the harbor area because it's still considered dangerous. what are you anticipating over the next 24 hours? >> were anticipating a few more surges, they really haven't stopped. i think people do need to stay away.
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when i showed up on 5:36 a.m. people were standing on the jetties and were putting themselves in danger. the harbor control spending most of the day removing people from the danger and i think it's best people watched on television, they can look on the internet but if they stay away from the harbor and led officials to the work. that's the way to go. >>catherine: we've been looking at video live dan from earlier today. we saw pictures of boats and look like there wasn't much left, they were like scraps of what floating by. some of those boats are just going to i presume correct? >> some of those boats are read really bad shape. the estimate is $50 million worth of damage and 5 million is to boats in the restaurant facilities such as stocks. the senate crews harbor is a long harbor and is divided by a bridge. at
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the back part of the harbors were a lot of the damage occurred. that energy has no where to go so i wound up doing a lot of damage in the back part of the harbor. yes it is devastating. >>pam: in the coming days the losses were looking at $15 million, those may increase. tourism is important santa cruz in your business as well. >> it's important, we are free science program for area's schools. we did cancel our classes' today there were very understanding. we had similar damage to our boded but will be able to run up soon. for an area of tourism the area's limited to the area itself. santa cruz's open and ready for business, yes were going to be finding some hidden damage over the next few days. is going to be a lot of assessment and that number megawatt. >>catherine: were looking live in some of the shots
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earlier i can't tell, we did see some people out there. you've got a pretty good deal where you are. are there people trying to get their boats? >> the few i have is the harbor master it, yes there are people who are trying to get to their boats specifically the upper harbor. this morning the staff what around in secured notes. obviously from what we've seen, that was not enough. considering the force of what happened. >>pam: thank you dan so much for your observation in helping us understand the developments. as we continue to look at live pictures, were joined by our web reporter kimberly. >>kimberlee: we just received new pictures. let's take the pictures fall to show you. he was over santa cruz and of these earlier today. you could see the waves are pretty large, the witness of them sweeping
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towards the homes. the next picture we have, the waves look beautiful blue and white. as we heard earlier you need to be careful and stay away from the shoreline. those are coming in pretty brutally. you could see a lot of people looking below about try to figure what was going on down below. this picture here and what a blow up, you could see the recordripples comg in. i will be back with more pictures and videos just a little while later a >>pam:. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the tsunami surge and the quake in japan. we have slide shows of the damage on our web site we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments..
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>>catherine: so far the
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official death toll from the quake stands between 203 hundred people. that number they expect to soar way beyond 1000. hundreds more missing. the number of injured has reached 1000 people. damage across the area of course is huge. it including a nuclear power plant that in northeastern japan. it was evacuated after the reactor's cooling system failed. pressure began building inside. this is an ongoing problem. the area was evacuated as radiation levels outside the plant surge. >>pam: live pictures over santa cruz harbor. look at the boat crammed together by the tsunami surge. millions of dollars in damage to the boat harbor. i tsunami advisory is in effect. we ought much for more for you coming up after the break.
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